Low Cost Funerals in Preston

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Low Cost Funerals in PrestonWe provide low cost funerals in Preston that are dignified and respectful. When you have suffered a bereavement, call us and schedule a meeting with our funeral director. We will work with you tailor-make a funeral that suits their requirements. It is very difficult to decide what you want in the aftermath of losing a loved one. Our funeral directors are experienced and compassionate and will be with you the entire time. Once notified, they will convey the deceased to our funeral home to await the burial or cremation. We can help you to complete all the necessary forms so that the funeral arrangements can take place.

When a loved one has passed on there can be a lot of emotion and stress in the family. In Preston, low cost funerals can help to ease the stress. The first consideration is how much you can comfortably afford to spend. With this budget we can work out a funeral that meets all the requirements. At this time there can be a rush of emotion that most people experience and the cost is one thing that is not considered. If you tell us what you envisage we will give you a quotation that lays out all the options so you can discuss it with other family members. We find that a simple service with a cremation is often the most reasonable choice. It allows everyone to say goodbye in a manner that is dignified and sincere.

We offer low cost funerals in Preston. Contact Clifford Ward as soon as you have need of our services. We are available day or night 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our family run, independent funeral service will attend to your call as soon as you notify us. Should you require, we offer both religious as well as non religious funerals and will plan a funeral that is dignified and respectful.  Our many years of experience enables us to understand how difficult it is for the family. We have our own vehicles and are able to offer complete and fair advice.

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