Funeral Service in Ashton

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Funeral Service in AshtonBidding a final farewell to your loved one can be distressing but the right funeral service in Ashton can make the process a little easier and comfortable. At Clifford Ward we provide a comprehensive service that includes full funeral services, non-religious funerals, planning help and guidance, flower arrangements, pre-paid arrangements and also special services like putting you in touch with local masons for monuments etc. We also believe that a respectful, dignified and loving tribute need not necessarily cost an arm and a leg. Each family is unique, just like the departed loved one, hence we help you design and plan a funeral that reflects these aspects.

We provide services in and around the Preston area and since we have our own fleet of vehicles, this makes it more convenient, while helping to keep the costs down. In Ashton, funeral services arranged by us allow clients the time and leisure to plan the entire event in detail, without missing out on the important little details that make it memorable and satisfying. We encourage clients to come in for a detailed discussion so that our experienced and knowledgeable professional team can create just the right ambiance with that all important personal touch. While selecting a funeral service, you may want to get information regarding important factors like how many people the chapel can hold, is it wheel-chair and mobility-challenged accessible, is there adequate parking, would the funeral service be able to provide multi-media services and/or printed materials.

As an independent family owned and run business, Clifford Ward can provide the right kind of funeral service in Ashton, because we understand the local community in terms of tastes, preferences and finances. Our 24 hour service is marked by that professional yet personal touch. Contact Clifford Ward if you need assistance with planning a funeral service. We understand that this can be a time of grieving for family-members but our attentive and insightful funeral directors and staff make sure that your loved one gets the fond, respectful and dignified farewell that he or she truly deserves. Get in touch with us or visit our facility in Preston so that we can help you create a memorable event.


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