Non-Religious Funerals in Longridge

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Non-Religious Funerals in LongridgeMany people are turning towards non-religious funerals in Longridge and many other areas. There seems to be a marked downturn in the number of people who are regular church goers. They may feel it hypocritical to suddenly decide to have a church service. We offer you a way to arrange a funeral without the religious symbolism. Most non-religious funerals have a cremation which can be private or the family can be there. This solves the expense and the continuing maintenance of a grave. Some feel guilty about taking up space with a grave that could be used for a more useful purpose. They may also fell happier having the ashes of the loved one with them in an urn. They may feel that the relative is always close to them.

Traditions are changing, some think for the better. In Longridge, non-religious funerals are held in many different places. Having a memorial service that has no religious connotation can be a very rewarding experience. It allows one to experience the happy and thankful side of life by remembering all the good times. The speakers at the celebration of life memorial will often have everyone smiling at remembered anecdotes. The feeling is not of loss but of love and appreciation that you had such a wonderful person in your life. We can arrange to have a marquee set up in a beautiful garden or a piece of woodland where the beloved relative was happy.

We specialise in non-religious funerals in Longridge as many of our customers no longer want a traditional funeral. Contact Clifford Ward as soon as you have need f our services. This will mean someone close to you has passed away and we offer our sincere condolences. This also means you need a funeral director to help you to organise the funeral. This begins with collecting the deceased and carefully conveying them to our funeral home until all the arrangements have been made. Our funeral director will discuss all the options with you and as a family you need to choose the type of funeral most suited to your requirements.

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