Funeral Service in Preston

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Funeral Service in PrestonA funeral Service in Preston offered by Clifford Ward is an independent service designed to follow the wishes of the family. The saying goes if you want something done right do it yourself. That’s why we offer a pre-planning service so individuals can plan their own funeral. We understand that not everybody wants to initiate the plans for their own funeral but it is becoming a popular choice. You may wonder why some are moved to take that step. The reasons are as individual as the people. An individual may not have any close family members still living to handle the task. He or she feels it’s their own responsibility to settle the details themselves instead of leaving it to non-family. Others want to relieve their family of the burden of funeral planning while they are grieving.

There are those who take the opportunity of their own funeral to express themselves one last time. You have last thoughts and emotions you want to convey in Preston; funeral service pre-planning is an effective way to do that. Still others pre-plan to make sure family members do not feel the need to overspend on your funeral instead of using the money for family needs. You know what matters to you and how you want to say your farewells. At Clifford Ward Funeral Service, we will abide by your wishes. You can relax knowing you have managed your final responsibility and your family can grieve without the need to make the decisions. Another benefit of pre-planning is your costs will be based on today’s prices, not 20 years from now. Since the money is held in an interest bearing account, it will bridge the inflation gap.

Whether you or your family plans your funeral service in Preston, it can be as simple or as lavish as you choose. A simple cremation with a memorial service; a three day wake complete with religious service in your choice of venue, church or our chapel followed by a funeral procession to the cemetery and graveside services. Contact Clifford Ward Funeral Services so we can set aside some time to discuss the planning a funeral. Settle the funeral details for a family member in the last stages of a terminal illness. When we receive the call, night or day, we will collect the remains and follow your instruction for funeral arrangements. We can also put you in touch with a local reputable monument mason.

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