Low Cost Funerals in Ashton

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Low Cost Funerals in AshtonPlanning low cost funerals in Ashton can be done with the help of experienced funeral directors. A funeral does not always need to be lavish and we understand that each family has their own preferences and requirements. We aim to provide them with the services that they are looking for at prices that are affordable. Having a death in a family is always a difficult situation, and our main aim as funeral directors is to provide the family with the moral support they need and to help them plan the funeral service.

If you are based in Ashton and you are looking for low cost funerals, do not hesitate to give us a call. At Clifford Ward, we aim to offer a polite and respectful service at all times. Since we are also an independent family-run business, if you need us at any time of the night or day, we will be at your service. Once you have discovered the death and the doctor has already been to your place, we will help you with the planning of the funeral service. We always consider the hopes and wishes of the family or of the deceased if he had something in mind before their passing. We will sit with the family and note everything that they want to have during the service, including music or choir choice, chapel or any other venues, and the type of flowers. Once these are ready, we will prepare an estimate and the client can either choose to go ahead or remove certain items or find alternatives to reduce costs if they are worried about the budget. We will give you the time you need if you want to do things as perfectly as you can with a limited budget and you can also rely on our funeral directors to help you.

We can assist you with low cost funerals in Ashton. Contact Clifford Ward today if you need to plan a funeral and are looking for low cost funerals. We have our own vehicles and we are fully able to offer a fair and independent service.

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