We are here to assist you with any funeral arrangements you require. We have vast experience of bespoke
funerals and pride ourselves in providing a caring and personal service. Clifford Ward Funeral Directors listen
to your wishes to make it a meaningful and personal day for family and friends. We also have the expertise
to plan funerals that fit your budgetary requirements.

Our Funeral services include:

• Funeral packages for all budgets

• 24-hour personal care

• Chapel of rest

• Order of Service

• Obituary Notices

• Golden Charter Prepayment plans

• Live Streaming of Funeral

• Specialty Hearses

• Fingerprints

• Jewellery


This type of funeral, a full funeral service, is also often referred to as a “traditional” funeral, and usually includes a number of aspects.

These are a viewing or visitation and formal funeral service, the use of a hearse to transport the deceased to the funeral site and cemetery or crematorium. Furthermore, it is generally the most expensive type of funeral.

In addition to the funeral home‘s basic services fee, costs often include embalming and dressing the body; and the use of vehicles to transport the family if they don’t use their own. The costs of a casket, cemetery plot or crematorium and other funeral goods and services also must be factored in.

We also offer Easicare cremation which is the lowest-cost service available. It’s different from a traditional funeral as there is no funeral service and no one is present at the cremation. This is for people who do prefer a very simple approach to the funeral service.


A Hearse is provided to convey the deceased to the funeral as part of our service. Chauffeur driven limousines, which can carry 7 passengers are available upon request.


Funeral Director in Anfield
Funeral Director in Garstang


We can provide a wide range of burial and cremation coffins & caskets.

We offer tradition coffins in either a veneer for cremation of burial or a solid wood for burial.

Woven coffins made of natural material such as wicker, Willow and Bamboo. These are also available in a choice of 14 colours as well as natural.

Colourful coffins. These are a wooden coffin with many designs to choose from including personally designed ones for that extra special touch.

American Caskets – These come in either solid wood or hermetically sealed seal.

Additional Choices

Live-streaming makes it possible for family and friends to watch the funeral service and pay their respects when they can’t attend the funeral in person.  You can send a private link to family and friends to invite them to the service.

Orders of service are typically A5 booklets that are distributed to everyone attending the funerals. They show the running order and can include messages, photographs, hymns they loved and special songs they wanted to include


Turn your loved one’s ashes into jewellery that lasts a lifetime.

 Creating jewellery for a lasting memory of your loved one.

Obituary and Acknowledgment notices -

If you would like to place an obituary notice or acknowledgement in any local or national newspaper, we will be pleased to assist you with the wording and placing the notice on your behalf.