Prepaid Funeral Plans in Preston: A Comprehensive Guide by Clifford Ward

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Discover the peace of mind that comes with Prepaid Funeral Plans in Preston by Clifford Ward, a trusted Independent Funeral Director located in the heart of Preston town centre. We are committed to personalising each funeral to honour your loved one’s memory.

Why Choose Prepaid Funeral Plans in Preston?

Opting for Prepaid Funeral plans is a thoughtful and practical way to plan ahead. These plans allow you to arrange and pay for a funeral in advance, relieving your family of financial stress and ensuring that your funeral is carried out according to your wishes.

  • Certainty of Costs: The price of funerals has risen over the years. A prepaid plan locks in today’s prices, safeguarding against future inflation.
  • Personalisation: Prepaid plans offer the opportunity to personalise the funeral, reflecting your unique personality and wishes.
  • Peace of Mind: It provides peace of mind knowing that when the time comes, your loved ones won’t have to worry about financial burdens or last-minute arrangements.

At Clifford Ward, we provide a comprehensive range of funeral services, including assistance with funeral planning, bespoke funerals, religious and non-religious funerals, and funeral cars. We also offer prepaid funeral plans and can connect you with monumental masons within the Preston area.

  1. Comprehensive Funeral Planning: We guide you through every step of planning, ensuring the service aligns with your wishes.
  2. Bespoke Funerals: We curate each funeral to celebrate the individual’s life and legacy.
  3. Funeral Cars: We offer a fleet of vehicles to transport the deceased and family members on the day of the service.

We understand that making these decisions can be challenging. We provide independent advice and ample time to consider your options. Your satisfaction and comfort are our utmost priorities.

In conclusion, Prepaid Funeral Plans in Preston provided by Clifford Ward Independent Funeral Director is a practical, compassionate choice for those looking to plan ahead. We invite you to contact us to learn more about our services and how we can assist you during this important time.


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