Undertakers in Garstang

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Undertakers in GarstangUndertakers in Garstang can assist you when you need help in planning a funeral for a loved one. Clifford Ward Funeral Service is the company to speak to when you need advice about planning a memorable funeral. They provide a full and comprehensive range of funeral services. As an independent, family run business, they are available to help with a professional, yet personal 24 hour service. If the deceased hasn’t indicated what type of funeral would be required, you could be faced with a number of decisions that could leave you feeling confused and anxious about what the most appropriate funeral should be chosen.

When planning a funeral in Garstang, undertakers can guide you and make suggestions for a fitting funeral service. Clifford Ward understands this time of uncertainty, and will assist you in making the right decisions to ensure that the funeral is an opportunity to say goodbye to your loved one in a respectful way. They provide a number of different types of funerals, including a full funeral service and non-religious funerals. They are aware that each family is different and has unique requirements. They aim to keep things simple as well as keeping the costs low, while still preparing a funeral service that is dignified and memorable.

Undertakers in Garstang will listen to your requests. If you require the services of a stonemason, speak to them as they can put you in touch with reputable stonemasons in the area. They will assist with flower arranging at the chapel and as the have their own vehicles, transport of the deceased can also be arranged. Contact Clifford Ward Funeral Service for the professional and compassionate assistance of their undertakers. They will offer complete and fair independent advice, ensuring that the funeral service you choose for your loved one is one that will be remembered.

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