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Funeral Director in LeaWhen choosing a funeral director in Lea you should consider Clifford Ward Funeral Service. If you have any experience in planning the funeral of a loved one, you likely have an idea of what services you want and expectations of what to expect. In the past, you may have encountered a list of three or four choices for funeral planning. Those lists are helpful as long as flexibility is built into them. Your loved one is unique and so are you. You want a funeral director sensitive to your need to express your sentiments in the way that is fitting to you. That is what you will find at Clifford Ward Funeral Service. We are a caring family who will help your family in your time of grief.

In Lea, a funeral director can be availed at Clifford Ward, an independent family owned company. We can direct you to florists and assist with flower arrangements. There are local monument masons we can refer to you. You may choose to tell us what you prefer in a funeral; religious or not, large or small and we will provide full service for you. That would include flowers, music, services at our location and graveside as well as cars. We will be glad to handle all the paperwork for insurance, death certificates and publish obituaries. Of course, you may use only a few of our services if you choose. As an independent, we are free to work with you at any level that suits you.

Funerals can be costly but at Clifford Ward, a funeral director in Lea understands and that is why certain costs are included and can help you avoid those you decide are unnecessary. We want to work with you to insure a respectful and honourable service for your loved one. Pre-paid funerals are becoming popular today. It is a responsible and thoughtful act to take care of your final expenses. Your loved ones are not left to deal with the expenses or wait for insurance companies to pay out. They do not have to decide about flowers, head stones, music or type of service while grieving. The result is all your wishes will be honoured. Contact us at Clifford Ward Funeral Service for more information regarding a funeral director.

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