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Funeral Arrangements in HorwichTo ensure that funeral arrangements in Horwich are completed without undue stress, speak to our funeral directors. Planning a funeral for a relative who has passed on can be emotionally difficult. Our funeral directors understand this difficult time in your life and can assist you with funeral arrangements.

For families in Horwich, funeral arrangements need to be made to ensure a respectful and dignified funeral. We provide a full and comprehensive range of funeral services. As an independent funeral director service, we are committed to traditional values and our aim is to ensure that the funeral we assist plan is relevant and personal. We have the necessary expertise to plan and arrange a funeral that meets your requirements, including your budget. Placing you firmly in charge, we encourage you to take ownership of the funeral service, so ensuring a meaningful and personal service is carried out. We also firmly believe in continuity of care, so this means the funeral director who assists you with the planning of the funeral will be with you on the day.

Funeral arrangements in Horwich can be made with the help and guidance of our compassionate funeral directors. We can assist you with the arrangements for a full funeral service, a non-religious funeral, or a bespoke funeral. Whatever funeral you would like to plan, you can be sure that we will assist in every way possible. You can rest assured that the funeral is dignified, respectful, and completely personal. If you need assistance with funeral arrangements for a lost loved one, contact Clifford Ward. Every funeral that we assist with planning can be bespoke and tailored to your specific requirements. We can assist you with a funeral car. As part of our service, a hearse can be provided to carry the deceased to the funeral. We also offer a chauffeur driven limousine, which can carry 7 passengers. This is available upon request. We know how important a funeral is to the families and friends of the deceased. As an important part of the grieving process, it is way to bid your final farewells and remember the life lived.

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