Funeral Directors in Ashton

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Funeral Directors in AshtonLosing a close family member is always difficult and our funeral directors in Ashton understand this. There is nothing we can do to take the hurt away but we can help you to get through this terrible time with the minimum of stress. Most people are not aware of what to do and are in a very emotional state. The first thing is to call us at Clifford Ward and we will take care of all the initial arrangements. We can offer you the kind of funeral you want even on a modest budget. It is becoming more popular these days to have a more modern funeral with less of a Victorian feel.

You need a friendly helping hand when arranging a funeral as this is probably one of the worst experiences in your life. In Ashton, funeral directors have been taught how to aid families and provide what comfort they can. The deceased is always treated with dignity and respect and we are ever empathetic to the family. There are many different types of funerals and we will ascertain whether a burial or cremation is required by the relatives. Once that has been established we will need to know if a church service or memorial service is preferred. Using a favourite church is often the most comforting arrangement for friends and relations.

We have some of the most compassionate funeral directors in Ashton. Contact Clifford Ward as soon as you have need of our services and we will respond immediately without question. As an independent, family run business we are able to provide you with professional yet personal 24 hour service. Our funeral directors are polite and respectful to all our customers and will take the time to find out the funeral service you prefer. We tailor make each and every funeral to suit the bereaved family members. The funeral will be dignified and a tribute to the loved one as well as being a way of saying goodbye. Memories need not be sad and joyous occasions should be remembered.

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