Funeral Director in Ashton

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Funeral Director in Ashton The role of a funeral director in Ashton turns what could be a disorganised event into something that runs smoothly and meaningfully. When it comes to planning funerals, many people are complacent about planning their funerals of a loved one, thinking that they’ve still got time. A funeral director supports and guides many families who have suddenly had to plan a funeral. Death makes no considerations and comes for the young and the healthy as well and always unannounced and you need to be prepared.  After discussing your requirements with you, at Clifford Ward, whether you want a religious or non-religious service, we arrange the funeral you want.

At Clifford Ward, if you’ve been looking for undertakers who are respectful and polite, you’ll be glad you found us. In Ashton, our funeral director will assist with the planning of a meaningful funeral service for the deceased. We’re a family run business and our services are 24/7. We’re based in Preston and operate throughout the area. We’ve built our excellent reputation on care and thoughtfulness, offering the full range of funeral services so that the strain and inconvenience is removed from you. We like to keep things simple, but if you have more elaborate ideas, speak to us about it. Attention to details and complying with our customer’s requests is paramount to us. We know the vast preparations that go into planning a funeral and we do it for you, relying on our years of experience to put on a well planned funeral for you.

With the shift away from traditional funerals, your choice for a funeral can still be personal. We simply help you spend more leisure time with family and friends, talking about and remembering the deceased, while we get on with planning the funeral you want. Contact Clifford Ward if you need the assistance of a funeral director.  We believe that the best funeral director needs to ensure that the entire funeral process runs smoothly. This is what brings such comfort to the grieving family members as they stand back and see everything taking place at the right time.

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