Funeral Arrangements in Preston

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Funeral Arrangements in Preston Funeral arrangements in Preston, when planned with a compassionate funeral director, can ensure that the funeral doesn’t cost more than the family can afford. As an independent, family-run business, we understand how difficult it can be to plan a respectful while keeping costs low. The death of a family member or close friend can leave you in shock, and needing to plan the funeral can be overwhelming and worrying. A funeral can be costly, and if there was no provision made for the funeral arrangements, it can add to an already stressful and overwhelming time.

At Clifford Ward, we try to keep things simple and pleasant so that there are just satisfactory memories left for the family of the deceased. In Preston, funerals arrangements can begin by scheduling an appointment with our funeral directors. We offer a 24-hour service, and will assist you in every way to plan a memorable funeral for your lost loved one. We’re a family run business and can offer independent advice on the options we have.  Regardless of the type of funeral you feel is most suitable, we will assist with the arrangements. We can advise on the type of music or the type of flower arrangements. We can also advise on the type of casket for the deceased. We respect the wishes of our clients and provide them with a professional, personal 24-hour service.

Part of the funeral arrangements in Preston that we can assist with are full funeral services, pre-paid funeral plans, flower arrangements, non-religious as well as religious funerals as well as funeral planning help and guidance. If you need to make funeral arrangements and need our assistance, contact Clifford Ward. With our funeral directors helping you plan a loved one’s funeral, you will be able to face the day with a little more strength.

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