Low Cost Funerals in Walton le Dale

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Low Cost Funerals in Walton le Dale If you are looking for low cost funerals in Walton le Dale speak to Clifford Ward. Our family business understands the inconveniences and confusion that may settle in if you have no one to turn to for this extensive planning. We strive to help you do more than just give your loved one a respectful send off by helping out in all the planning processes. Whether it is the choice of venue or flower arrangements, we do not want you overburdened during this sad time. We will ensure that all arrangements are made to your requirements.

If you have recently lost a loved one in Walton le Dale, low cost funerals can be arranged by our compassionate funeral directors. We understand the need to provide a dignified and respectful funeral service for your lost one, while keeping within budgetary restraints. We provide a full range of funeral services, ensuring the funeral you plan for your family member is appropriate and meaningful. We offer independent advice and will also allow you the time to consider your decisions and choices to ensure the funeral is the most suitable for the deceased.

Low cost funerals in Walton le Dale do not mean a hastily arranged and thoughtlessly planned service. The cost of a funeral has risen dramatically in recent years, and it makes sense to find the services of a funeral director who can provide a suitable funeral without incurring long term debt for those who are arranging the funeral. If you would like to know more about low cost funerals, contact Clifford Ward. We can assist with the planning of a funeral that honours the deceased, while ensuring the costs remain affordable. We also offer a 24 hour service and you can call us at any time.  We will assist you with all the paperwork and administration required at the passing of a loved one.  We will also advise you on the available choices and suggest things you may wish to include in the funeral arrangements.

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