Funeral Costs in Hutton

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Funeral Costs in HuttonFuneral costs in Hutton should be the last of your concerns during a time like this. You have just lost a loved one and have a number or responsibilities and arrangements to take care of amidst finding time to grieve and mourn. Having friends and family for support is a blessing, but when it comes to practical matters, a funeral home will be able to relieve some of the stress and provide support and assistance. Speak to Clifford Ward if you need help arranging a funeral. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and will always have time for you. Whenever you have a question, no matter how small, give us a ring or come round for a lovely cup of tea and a chat.

Our funeral services are flexible and adaptable, giving you complete freedom of design and planning. This also allows us to offer competitive prices; in Hutton, funeral costs with Clifford Ward will not have you breaking the bank in order to give the dearly departed the funeral they deserve. We offer a full funeral plan with bespoke, traditional or non-religious funerals to choose from. Our more budget-friendly packages and options allow for a plain but elegant funeral service that does not detract from the dignity of the service. You can select only the aspects of the funeral that you wish to include, from the essentials such as collection of the casket, assistance with documentation and paperwork, a funeral director and arrangements for guests, to the decorations, flowers, hymn notes and musical arrangements. You also have the choice of selecting all the specifications yourself, or leaving it in our capable and caring hands.

We do our best to ensure our funeral costs in Hutton do not add additional strain to your funeral arrangements. Contact Clifford Ward to discuss funeral costs and a finance plan that works best for your individual needs. We will assist with all your needs and concerns, and provide a supportive and compassionate service every step of the way.

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