Funeral Planning in Ashton

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Funeral Planning in AshtonAssistance with funeral planning in Ashton provides you with much needed support at a difficult time. When you have professionals that can guide you through all that needs to take place when a loved one passes on, it makes the process a little easier. Clifford Ward is a family-run funeral service that has been operating for many years. We understand what you are going through. We offer an empathetic ear and will listen to what you would like to achieve for your ceremony. Providing independent and fair advice is a hallmark of Clifford Ward. Ask us for recommendations of monumental masons in the region.

If you need to plan a ceremony for a loved one in Preston, funeral planning from Clifford Ward is an excellent place to begin. We provide a range of services including flower arranging, transportation, and full ceremonies. If you would like a non-religious ceremony, we can assist. The most important thing for the service is that the wishes of the family are respected. Whatever it is that the family feels is the best way to show their last respects is what should be done. It is not necessary to overspend when you plan a funeral. A very tasteful and heartfelt ceremony can be achieved without too much expense.  We can help with a service that is very appropriate, personal and respectful. The purpose is to allow friends and family to pay their last respects in a way that will truly honour the deceased.

Clifford Ward Funeral Service will assist with funeral planning in Ashton when a loved one passes on. We are independent funeral directors and we provide you with all you need when you plan a funeral. Call us today if you need to arrange a funeral for a loved one.  We will assist with all the aspects of the funeral, ensuring it is a dignified and gracious funeral. You can be sure, that when you use the services of our compassionate and professional funeral directors, it is one less thing to worry about at a sad time.

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