Non-religious Funerals in Garstang

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Non-religious funerals in GarstangNon-religious funerals in Garstang are becoming more popular as people realise that the farewell to the deceased does not have to be held in a church or chapel. Many people would like to have a more nature oriented farewell. This can take the form of a memorial held in a marquee or if the weather is fine it can be held outside. You could choose to have it in a hall or anywhere you like. The funeral director will take care of all the arrangements. The only thing that the relatives need to do is register the death. The undertaker will offer you advice on how to go about this. Once you have the death certificate you can ask the funeral director to start arranging the memorial.

When planning a funeral in Garstang, non-religious funerals are an option you may want. You will need a funeral director to organise the cremation which can take place before the memorial. The professional and caring staff can advise you on the best way to hold a non-religious memorial. The staff has many years of experience in memorials that are not religious. People will often want a simple gathering to say farewell to a very much loved person. A marquee and chairs can be arranged along with flowers or whatever the family would like.

Non-religious funerals in Garstang are professionally organised by Clifford Ward. These very compassionate and experienced funeral directors will make the farewell memorial a sensitive and loving experience. Contact Clifford Ward if you need more information about non-religious funerals. There is also the option to have a funeral plan with Clifford Ward. This will take care of all the costs and you can plan what type of funeral you would like. This takes a lot of pressure off the family as everything is organised and paid for beforehand. It allows you to specify that you would like a non-religious funeral and as everything has already been planned, your family can just contact Clifford Ward who will make sure that your wishes are carried out.

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