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Undertakers in PrestonClifford Ward, undertakers in Preston, is family owned and operates independently. We like it that way. So, we understand if you squirm with discomfort at the thought of a traditional funeral for your loved one. Not that there is anything wrong with traditional funerals as long as they bring comfort to the family. Maybe your family has just always viewed life from a different perspective. Clifford Ward Undertakers will help you take care of getting the necessary legal paperwork in order. Then, we will help you plan the kind of funeral service that will define and celebrate the essence of your family member. Keep in mind that the funeral service is for the living to say their goodbyes and assist with the transition.

In Preston, undertakers at Clifford Ward provide services that are itemised and priced so you know exactly what services you are receiving and how much they cost. A full funeral service means different things to different people. For one family a full service means flower arrangements, a two-day visitation with a religious ceremony and burial in the cemetery on the 3rd day. This kind of service includes embalming, use of the facilities for 3 days, the cars, a vault and casket and guest comforts. Other families may choose cremation without the embalming procedure and a 3-hour memorial service and no internment at all. Clifford Ward will give you time to consider all your options and help you plan.

Clifford Ward’s undertakers in Preston are experienced in their profession. They know what procedures to follow regarding the paper work so you will not have to figure that out on your own. They are your compassionate and knowledgeable family friends during your time of loss. They will lead you through the decision making process but you will make all final decisions. It is a good idea to bring another family member or close friend to the initial consultation. You may find the additional input from a familiar source helpful. Remember, you have nothing to prove to anyone. The funeral is to celebrate a life, mourn the loss and start the healing process. Contact Clifford Ward if you require the assistance of undertakers.

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