Low Cost Funerals in Garstang

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Low cost funerals in GarstangLow cost funerals in Garstang are sadly a reality of life. Everyone needs a reliable and compassionate funeral director. We can offer you one of the lowest cost funerals while still providing a respectful and dignified funeral service. Our full funeral service will be a traditional funeral with a church service, flowers, burial as well as the collection of your late family member from the hospital to our parlour and arranging of the deceased in the coffin of your choice in their own clothes and a viewing if required in the church or funeral parlour. Our professional and caring staff, in this family run business, will help and advise you on all the necessary documentation and other details which need to be dealt with at this very tragic time.

In Garstang, low cost funerals can be non-religious or religious. Many people are opting for a memorial service or a celebration of life gathering rather than a religious service. We will help you arrange the memorial in the most tasteful and respectful manner where ever you may choose to hold it. We can supply marquees as well as chairs and tables and can organise the catering and decorations as chosen by the family. The deceased family member will probably be cremated and we will organise all the preparations and the cremation as well.

Low cost funerals in Garstang can be facilitated with a pre-paid funeral plan. This allows anyone to organise and pay for their funeral years in advance. You can specify exactly what sort of funeral you want. Your family will have a lot less stress as they do not have to try and organise the funeral as everything including most of the payments are already taken care of. All that is necessary is to notify us and we will make sure that everything from the collection from the hospital to the cremation is taken care of with respect and dignity exactly as you would wish. Contact Clifford Ward for more information about low cost funerals.

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