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Funeral home in LeaFuneral home in Lea provides an essential service to anyone who has lost a family member. This is the most stressful and trying time of anyone’s life. The shock and sorrow that accompanies the news of the death, even when expected, is shattering. It normally leaves everyone feeling helpless and lost. We can remove a lot of the burden from your shoulders and will take care of most of the planning for you so that you have time to come to terms with the blow you have suffered. Certain things need to be settled quickly. We will, on receipt of your call, collect your loved one from the hospital or home. Our staff are very professional and caring and will respectfully convey your family member to our facility.

In Lea, funeral homes can be a blessing as they allow the funeral director to take care of the pressing details of registering the death and collecting the necessary documentation. Once we have discussed the family’s preferences for the funeral we can go ahead and take care of all the arrangements for you. If you would like a church service with a favourite minister we will ensure the booking is done and base all other arrangements around this. We can cater for a burial or a cremation whichever the family feels most comfortable with. You may want the funeral notice in the paper so that other friends can attend and we will place the notice on your behalf.

Funeral home in Lea will offer you a choice of coffins to suit either a burial or a cremation and our sympathetic staff will help you in making other choices like flowers or doves or anything else you may want at the funeral service. We also cater for non-religious funerals as many people do not have the need for a religious funeral and would prefer a memorial ceremony. Our efficient staff have many years experience in organising both types of funerals and will be honoured to help you. Contact Clifford Ward for information about a funeral home.

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