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Funeral Director in BartonA funeral director in Barton can make a big difference in helping you work through your grief, as it is difficult dealing with overwhelming feelings of loss after the death of a loved one. Instead of you having to handle all the complexities surrounding the passing of a family member, the funeral director does it all for you, removing a lot of stress from your plate of sorrow. Clifford Ward Funeral Service is an independent family run business who can offer you a full range of useful funeral services. They were established in 1988 and are based in Preston. They tailor their services and products to the needs of each family, personalising their funeral services around the needs and budget of all their customers. From pre-paid funeral plans to full funeral services to flower arrangements, non-religious funerals to offering funeral advice and tips, Clifford Ward Funeral Service makes your burden that much lighter.

In Barton, a funeral director simply gives you the opportunity to say goodbye to your loved one in a dignified fashion. You can call Clifford Ward Funeral Service any time, night or day for any kind of advice you might need. They allow you plenty of time to consider the options they provide you with. At Clifford Ward Funeral Service, their wish is to give you the funeral that you know the deceased would have been happy with. From their free initial consultation to funeral transport, free quotes and burials or cremations, they offer other sought after funeral services such as green funerals and embalming among others.

A funeral director in Barton is available 7 days a week, night or day. People appreciate that Clifford Ward Funeral Service doesn’t offer funeral services set in stone. They know that these flexible funeral directors offer personalised funeral services at prices which are fair and affordable. For a funeral director to assist you in planning a funeral, contact Clifford Ward Funeral Service.

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