Non-Religious Funerals in Hutton, Respectful and Dignified

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Non-Religious Funerals in HuttonConsider our non-religious funerals in Hutton if the deceased was not affiliated with any religion. A non-religious funeral focuses on the life and achievements of the deceased rather than his religion. These types of funerals are ideal for families from mixed backgrounds that ascribe to different beliefs. Our funeral directors can assist you with the arranging of a respectful non-religious funeral. The main difference between a humanist or non-religious funeral and a religious funeral service is the focus on Deity and religious protocols. Humanist funerals can feature religious readings, poems or hymns if the family wishes. The deceased’s friends and loved ones work with the funeral director to determine the activities and flow of the service.

It is challenging to organise a funeral for your loved one without help. Thus, in Hutton, our non-religious funerals can save you a lot of heartache. We handle all the funeral service details so you can focus on your family and friends. Moreover, we organise the venue, celebrant, programme, transport, burial or cremation requirements and scattering or interment of the ashes. Furthermore, we also help in the selection of readings, hymns, music, flowers, donations and obituaries. If you wish, we can help you select tokens of remembrance. Funerals also have legal requirements and paperwork that often confuses family members. We can consolidate all the paperwork to make it easier for processing. We’ll be in your corner through the funeral arrangements to ensure your loved one gets an honourable send-off.

We have been organising non-religious funerals in Hutton for many years. As such, our funeral directors are compassionate and empathetic. Our years of experience ensure we are sensitive to every bereaved client’s plight and loss. We understand the challenges of organising a funeral for a loved one whose loss you are still trying to accept. As such, we make every effort to shoulder the funeral arrangement burden so you can deal with your loss effectively. Contact Clifford Ward Funerals if you want us to help organise a non-religious funeral for your loved one. Our staff is friendly, compassionate and ready to help you in every way possible.

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