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Humanist Funerals in Longridge

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Humanist Funerals in LongridgeIf you lost someone, who was not religious, consider our humanist funerals in Longridge. Humanist funerals are fitting farewell ceremonies that celebrate the lifestyle of the departed rather than focusing on their religion. These funerals are led by celebrants rather than clergy, and can be done in any authorised location instead of a religious building such as a church or temple. Humanist funerals can be conventional burials or cremations depending on your family’s preferences or your loved one’s final wishes. The celebrant in a humanist funeral learns and highlights the key memories and aspects of your loved one’s life that your family would like to celebrate. The obituary may focus on your loved one’s achievements, hobbies, likes, dislikes, family life, career, passions, hopes and dreams.

We understand the difficulty of organising a funeral and are here to help you through it. In Longridge, humanist funerals are ideal for people who don’t ascribe to any religion. We accommodate several clients whose beliefs do not fall under specific religious groups. With humanist funerals, your loved one will have the respectable farewell ceremony they deserve. We work with you to find out the details about your loved one’s life and the family’s requirements for the ceremony. We help you select, the music, poems, presentations, tributes and obituary where necessary. We also help you get the necessary funeral permissions and documentation.

We understand that a humanist funeral in Longridge may be new to you. As such our Funeral Director will guide you through every aspect and cost. Experience teaches us that not every family is ready for a funeral. While some have funeral plans in place, the loss of a loved one comes as a surprise to most. As such, we organise funeral packages to suit every budget. If you have financial limitations, don’t hesitate to contact us. If you are considering a humanist funeral, call Clifford Ward today. We plan and direct religious and non-religious funerals and can provide celebrants, funeral directors, funeral cars and monumental masons. We also have pre-paid funeral plans to help ease the financial burden of bereaved families.

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