Funeral Director in Anfield Provide Assistance at a Sad Time

Funeral Director in Anfield

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Funeral Director in Anfield A respectful funeral director in Anfield can ensure that your loved one gets the tribute he deserves. We’re a family-run business that provides a comprehensive range of funeral services. Based in Preston, we also service neighbouring areas, throughout 24 hours. Our services include full funeral services, non-religious funerals, planning assistance and guidance, flower arrangements and pre-paid funerals. We can also refer you to monumental masons in the area. Furthermore, we ensure that we carry out all our clients’ requests, with complete respect for their wishes. We understand that everyone has their own preferences and needs. In addition, we also defer to the wishes of the deceased and keep in mind what he would prefer.

We all want to provide our loved one with a final farewell that is meaningful and relevant. Thus, in Anfield, a funeral director can assist with every aspect of the planning of the funeral. From the type of funeral, whether religious or not, right through to the floral tributes, we are available to help. As such, our funeral director can help avoid feelings of anxiety and confusion when arranging a funeral. Furthermore, we can assist with a funeral hearse to transport the deceased to the cemetery. We also understand that the cost of the funeral plays a role in the type of funeral planned. As such, our costs are kept to a minimum, while ensuring a relevant and personal service.

Our compassionate funeral director in Anfield can assist you to plan a respectful funeral with dignity and care. As such, we have many years of experience in helping to plan bespoke funerals. Hence, we aim to provide a caring and professional service. For gentle and kind assistance from a funeral director, contact Clifford Ward Funerals. We aim to provide a truly personal and relevant service. Furthermore, we also believe in continuity of care. As such, this means that our funeral director will be with you on the day of the funeral. In addition, we offer independent advice and allow you the time to consider your options.

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