Bespoke Funerals in Lea

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Bespoke Funerals in LeaBespoke funerals in Lea offer an individual, personal touch to a funeral. With a bespoke funeral, you can remove typical features of funeral that are not particularly relevant or necessary to the life you are bidding farewell to. For example, if the deceased was not religious, you can choose to omit the religious scripture reading or hymns for the funeral. At the same time, you can add unique features to the funeral that reflect the personality or life of the deceased, such as a choir singing their favourite song, a reading from their favourite novel or perhaps even an alternative casket or headstone. A bespoke funeral allows you to create a truly memorable and special farewell, whether it is as simple as requesting the deceased’s favourite flowers or as involved as incorporating a unique theme or display that honours their memory.

For those grieving after a recent loss in Lea, bespoke funerals can also provide some relief in terms of expenses. A bespoke funeral lets you decide whether to include all the trimmings or keep the funeral simple and modest. The last thing you need to be stressed about at a time like this is the cost. A modest funeral can still be arranged that lovingly and effectively pays tribute to the departed, and in many cases offers more intimacy and closure for attendees than a larger and more lavish funeral can. Whether you think that a small, close gathering of family and friends or a large, extravagant ceremony will better honour and reflect a life now passed, cost is not a source of worry when you come to Clifford Ward. As independent funeral directors, we can offer individualized, bespoke funeral services at affordable rates. We also have various funeral packages and payment plans available. We are a small and family-run business, allowing us to give you a warm, guiding hand of support while reducing the stress and grief involved when arranging a funeral, with compassionate, caring service.

For truly special bespoke funerals in Lea, contact Clifford Ward. We are respectful and understanding of your needs, whether you are looking for a highly traditional funeral or a non-religious, alternative or modern funeral service.

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