Funeral Home in Fulwood

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Funeral Home in FulwoodAre you searching for a funeral home in Fulwood as you need assistance with preparing a funeral service? Do you know what kinds of services to expect from a service provider? Funeral homes today provide a wide range of services designed to ensure that the customer does not have to go to different vendors. The list of services offered but not limited to includes: providing facilities for a funeral or memorial service, arranging music or floral requests, assisting with required paperwork for cremation or funeral, placing an obituary in the newspaper, accepting donations for charities, recording donation that are received, keeping a record of people who attended the memorial or funeral service and providing information to friends and family members.

For customers that reside in Fulwood, funeral home services are provided by Clifford Ward Funeral Service. We specialise in providing a respectful and polite service at all times, ensuring that the bereaved family members are supported throughout the process. We are a family owned and operated company. Our services are at our customers’ disposal, 24 hours a day. Our business is based out of Preston and we operate throughout the surrounding areas. Our comprehensive range of services includes non-religious funerals, full service funerals, funeral planning guidance and help, pre-paid funeral plans and flower arrangements. As a family team, we understand firsthand about the importance of fulfilling your deceased family member’s wishes. Our goal is to understand your requests and provide you with best services, while keeping expenses low and manageable. We even offer non-religious funerals if necessary. In terms of selecting a gravestone, we can provide you with a direct referral to experienced monumental masons.

If you are dealing with the grief of your loved one’s passing, speak to a full-service funeral home in Fulwood. Contact Clifford Ward if you are looking for a reputable funeral home. We provide a comprehensive range of services. Feel free to arrange an appointment to discuss the options we can assist you with.

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