Low Cost Funerals in Longridge

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low cost funerals in LongridgeSome people are uncomfortable with the idea of low cost funerals in Longridge. They do not want friends and family to think their loved one deserves less than the finest send-off available. However, as prices go up and income goes down more people are shopping around. They are looking for alternative options from the standard practice of pouring money down a hole for the sake of appearances. Families with loved ones who lived well into their 90’s often look for simplified funerals. They anticipate smaller attendance and choose to condense visitation and burial into one day. Clifford Ward offers low cost funerals that will honour your loved ones life. As an independent funeral director, they can accommodate almost any ideas you have and add some of their own.

In Longridge, low cost funerals can be broken down into necessary funeral home expenses and optional expenses. You need a funeral director to collect the remains and prepare the body for burial. The cost of preparation depends on how quickly burial or cremation will take place. If you opt for immediate cremation or burial, the cost is less. You can then have a memorial service at a convenient time anywhere you choose. You skip the expense of embalming, preparation for viewing and expensive coffins. In the case of cremation, you skip the coffin as well as the vault. If you choose a traditional funeral with open casket and visitation, Clifford Ward can guide you so you avoid unnecessary extravagance.

Low cost funerals in Longridge arranged by Clifford Ward are meaningful and tastefully done. Work with them to spend as little or as much as your budget allows. It is so helpful if the deceased left funeral instructions. That simple act removes a great burden from the grieving family. Clifford Ward does not do cookie-cutter funerals. Funerals are as unique as the individual is. Families know the deceased best so if your loved one would like an outdoor memorial service with heavy metal music do it. If a High Mass with a banquet after seems appropriate then do that. Whatever you choose, Clifford Ward will help you create a fitting funeral for the lowest cost possible. For more information about low cost funerals, contact Clifford Ward.

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